Resources to help you get accustomed to using Buyer Personas.

Why Buyer Personas?
Buyer personas must be an important part of your B2B marketing arsenal. Your target audience has changed, and you must be able to speak to this new type of buyer in order to make a sale...Read More

What Purpose Do Your Buyer Personas Serve?
In every project I work on, some version of buyer personas are involved. Sometimes I'm given personas (usually "profiles") to work with and sometimes developing them is the first step in the project. Let me tell you that I've seen a lot of personas - or what passes for them...Read More

3 Critical Tips for B2B Buyer Personas
As many of you know, I spend a lot of time working on buyer personas in my client projects. I thought I'd share a few things that should be obvious, but apparently are not...Read More

B2B Marketing Personas in Action: What Would Morton Do?
In B2B marketing, creating a buyer persona is key to understanding your audience. Really using that persona can help your B2B company realize its full potential and speak to the needs and goals of your prospects. Going beyond general demographics to fully identify with the persona as an individual will allow you to personalize your message, focus on a niche and match goals...Read More

Focus Your B2B Remarketing Marketing On Personas For Better Results
You could call it the old "80-20" rule or use a more topical term such as market segmentation but focusing on your most valuable customers and prospects will certainly move the needle on your marketing ROI...Read More

An In-Depth Look at How to Create and Use B2B Buyer Personas with Ardath Albee
After seeing Ardath present her smart, insightful content at Content Marketing World '11, I was very excited to get the chance to do this interview with her for Content Marketing 360 Radio Show. Ardath brings over two decades of sales and marketing experience to her clients and has an in-depth approach to getting to the heart of what makes up a buyer persona. She was the perfect content professional to tackle this topic for our radio show...Read More